Men Workout Shorts Review

A comfortable workout short is very important to give you a maximum boost to your workout, fitness, or sports. There are tons of Men’s workout shorts brands or fitness wear brands. Each of the brands presents separate features and comfort. The Material quality, size of the shorts, softness, colors, price and so on, are important things as well when you choose a sportswear or workout wear. Based on this, We have listed for you the topmost useful and high quality of sports brands, which is the top-selling product at all time. Moreover, before to list these products, we keep in mind the best comforts, quality and how good it is for the skin.

Top 10 Workout Shorts for Men – Review 2020

>Anthem Athletics Hyperflex 7″ CrossFit shorts are one of the bestselling shorts in Amazon. Over 500 customer rates on amazon about this workout short. The shorts are made of 100% polyester, which means thinking about them is a breeze. The polyester fabric additionally gives superior durability, having these shorts the ideal choice for exercises. Other hands, the shorts can be washed by machine, and this further makes it simple to think about them.

These shorts fit your body freely so you can wear them for the through-out of the day with no issues. The free fit will give you the maximum freedom of movement. All things considered, whether you are looking for men’s exercise shorts for Cross-fit, running, jogging errands or relaxing, these shorts are perfect for everything. They boast moisture-winking, dry easily, and the material is breathable, which gives the maximum comfort and keeps you cool during the workout, running and exercise. Along these lines, Anthem Athletics Hyperflex 7″ Cross-fit short is one of the best shorts you have ever worn.

The shorts have a deep phone pocket with zippered closure, which you can use to carry your phone, key card or money during your workout, running or at the gym. Also, it has a stretch waistband with functional drawstring, it will give you a perfect fit to your waist during jumping, running or exercise. These shorts are available with many colors including, black, grey, red, iron navy and so on. The size is available from Small to xx- Large, Choose the best one for you.


  • Comfortable and lightweight materials.
  • Breathable materials.
  • The zippered pocket is available.
  • Stylist design and logo visibility.
  • Many colors and designs are available.


  • It doesn’t have inner shorts.

If you are looking for a workout short with perfect fit to your body, fashionable, give you the comfort feeling, breathable, and extra feature such as inner- shorts with tight fit support and an extra pocket, then  MECH-ENG Men Workout Short, Running short 2 in 1 Training Gym 7″ Short will be the perfect choice for you. These shorts are made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex materials and elastic closure, which give to the maximum comfort during the running, gym, training.

The short has mesh material, also quick-dry fabric to keep you comfortable for wear. Moreover, it has an inner short with a tight fit, which offers you the best support to the thigh muscle to prevent friction. Additionally, the inner short has an inner pocket, which can be used to keep your phone or other important small items. Outer short is a very loose fit for your body with breathable materials. It will give you perfect comfort during the workout, running and exercise. Outer pocket also has a small zipper pocket to carry your small items or cards.

It is also one of the high selling shorts in amazon. These shorts are the perfect fit for fitness, running, training, boxing, basketball and other outdoor sports or indoor activities. It has many colors available including white, black, grey and so on. The sizes are available from XS to XXX- large. Get the right fit for you.


  • Light and breathable materials.
  • Comfortable for any kind of workout.
  • many colors and sizes are available.
  • It has inner and outer shorts with both (inner and outer) has a pocket to keep your valuable items.


  • Some of you might not like to wear inner short so tight fit during the workout.

BROKIG Men’s Zip Joggers tracks are very comfortable, versatile and breathable. They are best for training, fitness, jogging, workout, biking and for Casual uses as well. These joggers’ pants are medium weight, which will give you the perfect comfort during the movement, training, and it is breathable which will allow you to stay cool during the hot or summer season. These pants will be good for any season.

BROKIG Men’s Zip Joggers pants made of seamless meticulous design, with 3 pockets including a zipper pocket, which can allow you to carry phone, keys and wallet. It is also designed with a 3-inch double seamed waistband. The Double seamed waistband elastic adjustable waist to fit you as expected. Moreover, they feature a skinny fit leg, which makes the pants look more appealing and fit on you.  The pants are made of 100% cotton and polyester, that give your 100% top-notch quality.

They are available in several sizes and colors. The sizes are available from S/ Waist 26-30”, M/Waist 28-32”, L/Waist 31-35” XL/ Waist 34-37”, XXL/ Waist 36-41”. BROKIG Men’s Zip Joggers Pants are very comfortable and durable pants that will help you live a comfortable and healthier lifestyle. Over 1100 customers rate on Amazon about these pants, check out more customers’ opinions.


  • Comfortable and breathable materials.
  • Great looking and fit to the body.
  • Many sizes and colors are available.
  • Good for the workout, casual, gym and so on.


  • Some of the customers mention, they like to wear shorts during summertime training.

If you are looking for shorts, which are very comfortable, good looking, best quality, good for bodybuilding, gym, running, workout overall for everything, these Gerlobal Men’s shorts will be the best to choose. Additionally, these workout outfits are very economical and convenient. The Gerlobal Men’s active training shorts are among the top listed workout shorts. These shorts are best for running, workout, biking, walking, basketball, gym, yoga and casual use. Gerlobal shorts are made of polyester and spandex, which give you maximum comfort, softness and flexibility, it will not give you the bad feeling even after long-wearing and many time washes.

Moreover, these shorts are super soft, breathable and moisture-whisking fabric, which will bring you the skin-friendly and natural feeling to your body. These active training shorts for men are very smooth, which allows for maximum range of movement during the workout, running, walking, and raining. The great adjustable internal drawstring design made of rubber and steel on thin running shorts, you can adjust the waist size smaller and bigger according to your own need, that will give the maximum comfortable feeling.

These shorts have 3 pockets including 2 zipper pockets and an invisible pocket on the back, which can allow you to carry your phone, card, keys and small items without any problems. Over 700 customers made a review on Amazon and checked the customers’ opinion from amazon. Gerlobal Men’s Active Training Shorts are available with three different colors such as Black, Grey, and Light grey. The sizes are available from X-small to XX-Large. 


  • Super Soft and skin-friendly materials.
  • Comfortable and Breathable,
  • Good for running, workout, gym, basketball, causal walking, biking and so on.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Many Sizes are available.


  • Limited colours are available.
  • Some of you, like to have more expansive brands.

Champion is one of the established sportswear brands of all time.  If you are looking for soft, comfortable, great looking, stylish and perfect fit for your workout, sports or gym, then Champion will be the best choice for you.  Champions have been kitting out athlete’s favorite sportswear just like you since 1919, so they know about the comfort, style and fit on the field or in the gym. Over 5300 Amazon customers made the review on amazon rating site.

Champion Men’s Jersey Short made of 100% cotton which made the shorts very comfortable and lightweight. These shorts are very soft which allows you maximum movement and comfort. Champion men’s jersey short can be used for running, workout, gym, normal casual use and so on. The short featuring logo is designed at the left hem and elastic waistband with adjustable internal drawstring.

These shorts are designed in many colors including oxford grey, black, navy, maroon and blue. The shorts have two side pockets which can be used for phones, or other small important items. Champion Men’s Jersey Short is available in different sizes (Start from Small size to 5 x – large size). Choose the right fit and color. To know more about customer reviews, Visit amazon review site.


  • 4 color option.
  • Cotton mix bland material.
  • Super soft and comfortable.
  • Can be washed by machine.
  • A huge range of size availability.


  • Waistband elastic stickers affect some of the customers.

YoungLA- Men workout Short is one of the stylists and fashionable shorts for runners, athletic and gym workout individuals. It is made of 85% polyester and 15% spandex, which made the shorts super soft. The fabric of the short is soft moisture-wicking with silverMult technology, which provides ventilation to your skin during the runs and workouts and keeps your skin fresh and breathing.

These shorts have two front pockets to store your phone, keys or cards.  To give your maximum flexibility to your waist, it had an elastic waistband. It is very adjustable drawstrings to adjust the fit. These shorts have a front open flap which provides extra-comfort during a run. YoungLA shorts are made for running, gym and jogging. These shorts are good to wear at the beach and music festivals in summer, as well. This shorts relaxed fit for the skins with skinny looks. The waistband fits your waist comfortably. The durability of these shorts also lasts longer. It is one of the premium quality men’s running, sports, athletic, gym workout brands.  

The shorts are available with a few different colors including black, blue, white, grey, charcoal. The size is available from Small to XX-Large. Over 300 Customers gave the review on amazon. To read customers review, Visit


  • Soft moisture-wicking fabric.
  • Comfortable and lightweight.
  • Many colours and sizes are available.
  • Premium quality.


  • Some customers mentioned it looks like an open leg. But somebody might like to show their legs and like stylist workout shorts, it will be best for them.

Real Essentials Men’s Active Athletic Performance Shorts are great for anything. They are perfect for the gym, boxing, basketball, jogging, football, volleyball, running, baseball, exercise training and tennis, among others. They have a 9-inch inseam that allows you maximum movement and comfort.

Additionally, these shorts have two side pockets which can be used for keeping your phone, cards, keys or any other small items. Furthermore, the shorts are outfitted with moisture-wicking fabric, which helps to keep you cool and dry during your workout. Also, the materials are super soft and breathable development that gives great ventilation, which helps to keep moisture away from your body.

The flexible belt including customizable internal drawstring delivers an exceptional fit and feel, which will not go off during your ruining or when you are moving quickly. The shorts are made of 100 % polyester; thus, they are durable, soft and comfortable enough to wear throughout the day. They come in a packet of 5 with affordable price. The sizes are available from small to xxx-large and many colours are available, choose the best one.


  • Good for any kind of activities.
  • 5 in a packet with affordable price.
  • Very light and comfortable.
  • Many sizes and colors are available.


  • Some of you like to have more expensive shorts.

Under Armour Men’s Tech Graphic Short is our one more recommendation as your fitness wear. It is one of the best sales short online. Over 2700 customers made reviews and comments on Amazon. The short is made of 100% polyester, which made the short very lightweight and super soft. UA uses Tech fabric and moisture-wicking fabric, which is helping to dry quickly and keep you cool. This short will give your ultra-soft and natural feeling during your workout.

These shorts had elastic waistband with internal draw cord and the short is 9-inch inseam that allows you maximum movement and comfort and it will not go off when you will use it during your running. These shorts can be perfect for workout, gym, running, fitness or anything. UA Tech Graphic Shorts also has two side pockets, which can be used to keep your phone, card or small items. One more feature of this short is, it can be washed by machine.

Under Armour Men’s Tech Graphic Shorts are available with many colors including, Black/Graphite, White/Overcast Grey, Cordova/Mod Grey and many more. The Sizes are available from X-small to XXX- large. Choose the best color and size for you.


  • Many colors and designs are available.
  • Super soft and comfortable,
  • Good for any kind of sports and workout.


  • Get ½ smaller than the regular size.

Nike is one of the top listed sportswear brands. They are famous for everything such as; sports shoes, Tops, Bags and so on. They are good for both men and women items. In this list, the Nike Dry Training Shorts for men’s is our next recommendation as your sportswear. Over 1000 of customers made the reviews and comments on the Amazon rating site. It is one of the best-selling shorts online.

These shorts are made of polyester and cotton, and the short has dry-fit with moisture-wicking fabric technology, which makes the shorts very lightweight, comfortable and keeps you cool during your running, workout, fitness, or any kind of workout. It has an elastic waistband and internal drawstring to create a secure, adjustable fit. 9″ inseam hits right above the knee with flat seams that feel smooth against the skin and allows you maximum movement and comfort. These Dri-FIT technology shorts for men keep you dry and comfortable while your workout. Take training to the next level with sweat management technology and motion vents that allow you maximum movement. It has two mesh pockets, which provides breathable storage and side inset mesh enhances ventilation. These shorts can be washed by machine.

Nike Men’s Dry Training Shorts are available with a few different colors including red, blue, black, and so on. The sizes are available from small to 4 x-large and xxxx- large tall. Choose the best color and size for you.


  • Dir-FIT technology with moisture-wicking fabric.
  • Made of polyester and cotton.
  • Can be washed by machine.
  • Soft and good for the skin.
  • Many sizes are available.


  • Before placing your order, check the buying option. It has many different buying options at different price rates.

In our top 10 list, the last recommendation for men’s shorts is the Adidas tasting 19 Adidas is also one of the top brands. Adidas is famous for sportswear, fitness wear, casual wear, shoes and so on. Adidas tasting 19 shorts for men’s is one of the bestselling shorts online. Over 500 customers made reviews and comments on Amazon.

These shorts are made of 100% recycled polyester interlock, which is one of the best things ever. They care about the environment and they like to bring new eco-technology in fitness and sportswear. These soccer shorts are made with sweat-wicking fabric, which is very breathable and comfortable. The regular fit strikes have a comfortable balance between loose and snug, that provides you with maximum comfort during your running, workout, fitness and so on. The Drawcord on waist-belt will give you a perfect adjustable fit. The moisture-wicking material will keep your cool and dry in every condition.

These shorts are perfect for anything such as, gym, football, basketball, running, fitness and so on. These shorts are available with many colors including black, white, red, grey, and many more. the sizes are available from x-small to xx-large. Choose the right fit and your favorite color for you.


  • Eco-friendly product.
  • Best for any kind of sports and workout.
  • Many sizes and colors are available.
  • 100% recycled polyester interlock.


  • These shorts don’t have any pockets.